Hey Friends,

This is a special page just for my friends only.  

As you may or may not know Frank Kern created a program called “List Control” and as part of that launch Frank gave away a powerful list building tool that he called “The Good Karma List Machine.” 

I learned a lot more for this powerful program then just the fact that Frank Kern likes to use the word “Control” a lot.

Problem is after the very short lived launch and highly successful the List Machine mysteriously disappeared.  A lot of the marketers in the forums are asking how to get this and everyone with access to it are remaining pretty tight-lipped about it.  Fact is they don't want you to have this... but because you are one of my friends and because I want to provide as much value for you as I can I’d like to share it with you.

This powerful little piece of software cost Frank Kern almost $12,000.00 to develop (that’s what Frank Kern said). In fact, this is really something that can help you build a list fast.

You can download "The Good Karma List Machine" software here (direct download).

The video below will show you how to set everything up.  Once everything is set up (and you only have to do it once) you are ready to rock and role!

You'll also find all the tools that you need to set up and run the List Machine below this video.

To put the power of the "The Good Karma List Machine" to work for you you will need 3 tools.  If your an experienced marketer then the good news is you probably already have a few of these. If don't or if your just starting out... you can get these tools right here.

Here is what you need:

  1. Your own website (I like the free Weebly website or Kajabe platform)
  2. You will also need an AWeber account to handle your email list
  3. Finally you will need a Bluehost account.

With just those three tools you are ready to build a list super fast and the best part is that once you set up "The Good Karma List Machine" all you need to do is fill up your auto-responder with your high value content that people will want to pass along and then reward them with more great content. 
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