As of December 1st 2009, FTC, (the Federal Tried Commiseration) requires that I disclose that I may be getting paid at times for the material I write about on .

Here is the deal; I’m an affiliate marketer and a blogger. When I talk about a product, I often have an affiliate link attached to that product. When someone buys that product, I get paid. It’s really just that simple.

That said, I created this to be a virtual treasure trove of interesting and helpful information on topics with my frank and honest opinions, and of course the resources to aid you in these key areas of your personal and professional life. And you’ll find it all presented with my unique blend of sincerity, profundity, seriousness, humor, and irreverence (when appropriate).

I only promote products and services that I believe will provide value in the form of results for you if you put these products to work for you.

The new FTC law requires that I disclose this to you.

Glyn Allen