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Everyone is different, and it can be very difficult to replicate someone else’s method of achieving wealth.  Especially in times of economic uncertainty like the one we find
ourselves facing today.

But, there is good news… there are discernible patterns of thought and behaviors about
money that are associated with wealth in any economy, just as there are patterns that are associated with poverty and financial chaos… patterns that helped, I believe, create our current  economic situation.

Eben has spent years studying these patterns of thought and behavior and has discovered the “secret psychology” of the wealthy.

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Now, I don’t believe the rich have some conspiracy to keep us down… I believe that many of them are simply not
consciously aware of how or what they do. It’s just normal for them. It’s just the way they think… the way they live their

Somewhere, somehow, at some point in their lives they learned what money really is, how it really works, and how
to put it to work for themselves. Sadly, this isn’t something you are likely to learn in our educational system.

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But, regardless of your starting point or your current financial situation, you can learn and apply the principles of the economy and the psychology of the wealthy.

Your participation in this current economic crises is elective.

Here is what I mean… the economy is a lot like the wind… as one of my mentors, the late Jim Rohn, said “you cannot change the direction and force of the wind. But you can change the setting of your own sail.”

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A lot of people seeming to be asking where the money went… as if the money simply disappeared.   The money didn’t
disappear, it simply changed hands.  The money went from the hands of those who didn’t know the economic laws to the hands of those who do. This is nothing new… that’s the natural flow.

The fundamentals of the economy are just as strong as ever… the problem is that we have been breaking rules either because either we simply didn’t know the economic laws or in some cases because we willingly violated those laws; and some like Bernard Madoff broke other laws. All of this leads us to today’s economic crises or as I like to call it today’s “economic opportunity.”

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The wealthy know that if you can make adversity work for you, not against you, and you can see opportunity for what it is and seize it when it appears… then you can create wealth regardless of the current economic situation.

There are always consequences (a price) for violating the law… economic or otherwise… and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Have you ever find yourself saying “honestly officer… I didn’t know I was speeding.” How did that work for you?

I once heard Eben describe wealth as the ability to build and maintain financial riches. Financial riches can be taken away from you, but true wealth cannot be. If you take away a wealthy persons riches they can always rebuild their riches using their wealth.

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Donald Trump is a good example. Trump has taken a lot of risks and at times he’s lost a lot of money… but never his wealth.

Trump took his wealth of knowledge and put it to work for himself. He saw an opportunity and took action... he recreated his financial wealth.

"You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of."
— Jim Rohn

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