Getting Started... An Introducing The Blog 
Today is an exciting day for me…  because today I’m making my first blog post on my brand new blog.  I’ve been waiting for the moment to be right… or for life to get just a little simpler to get started.  As some of you know the past couple of years I’ve been dealing with a difficult family situation all while over the past few months I’ve been conducting surveys and building a couple video series that delivers results fast.  I finally decided that there is no moment like this moment… and it’s fitting that today is Thanksgiving Day.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people, but then I guess that’s typical for a guy who when to university to study counseling. 

I love providing value in the form of results for my friends and that’s why I started this blog, to get to know, to interact with you, and to provide more value to more people. 

While working for a clinic that specialized in cognitive behavior therapy I worked directly with clients to help them achieve their personal goals.  Much of my work at the clinic focused around Time Management and Personal Productivity.  I studied Time Management and Personal Productivity and thought these strategies to clients both at the clinic as well as to my private clients.

That’s what you’ll find here… value in the form of results.  Others have paid thousands of dollars for what I’m about to offer you here for free.

I don’t claim to be a “guru,” I’m just a normal guy that went  looking for solutions for my own problems and along the way found some amazing strategies that deliver powerful results quickly and easily. 

Here you will find a virtual treasure trove of interesting topics, frank and honest opinions, and of course the resources to aid you in these key areas of your personal and professional life. And you’ll find it all presented with my unique blend of sincerity, profundity, seriousness, humor, and irreverence (when appropriate). If you don’t know me personally then I’ll like to change that. I’d like to invite you to keep a eye on this blog, become my friend on Facebook, and sign up for my free training programs as they become available.

In closing this first blog entry, and in keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to say thank you to you for stopping by. And I’d like to say thank you to the community for teaching me things I needed to learn, saying the things I needed to hear (regardless whether I wanted to hear there are not) and being there for me… and believing in me during some trying times. I’d also like to thanks you for all the prayers; the Lord heard them… I only ask you keep um coming.

I’d also like to add a very special birthday wish for my grandfather Toler who turned 83 yesterday, and remember my little Rusty who’s birthday would have also been yesterday.  

Amy Streeter

I am thankful for the Lord and His saving grace. I am thankful for the family, home, and physical provisions He has blessed me with as well as the opportunity to have a wonderful ministry with college age students.

Terry Allen

Thank you Glyn. I am looking forward to the information that will be provided by experts in the business arena. A great day to begin and happy birthday to your grandfather and wonderful memories of your friend Rusty. ...from God all blessing flow...


I personally know Glyn, and I can say that for anyone that needs any business, health, and relationship information. He knows what he is talking about. Me and Glyn love talking about these topics, and I am amazed at the info that he has accumulated in the past few years. And I will say that I do come to him for information when I need it, and he is more than happy to help when someone is in need. Thanks Glyn........shearld


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