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I first became interested in the digital information or "info product" busyness model after buying my first eBook, Double Your Dating.  That eBook forever changed my life in ways I'm only starting to understand now.

In that eBook Eben Pagan (under the pin name David DeAngelo) first introduced me to "the Master Mind Group" concept as developed by Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich."

Eben Pagan now teaches other entrepreneur the same proven system that has launched over 10 successful brands for his own business.

Eben introduced me to Frank Kern, who is the polar opposite from Eben personality wise. I like to describe Frank Kern as being the "Doc Brown of Internet Marketing." He is a mad genus who teaches you how to dominate your market by first becoming an affiliate and selling other people stuff.  After you really get a feel for who your ideal prospect is and what they are buying then Frank teaches you how to create a "new but better vision" of the product that you started out as an affiliate for. He also teaches how to build a relationship with your list that results in your prospect feeling as if they know, like, and trust you and then making them want to buy from you.

Frank Kern introduced me to an ex Private Investigate who is a powerful affiliate marketer. Jason Moffatt was relatively new to the game when he applied much of what he had learned as a private investigator to the art and science of making money online. Jason is a straight out guise who uses the power of video and what he calls "Video Hijacking" to bring in high affiliate commissions from a very small but loyal list.

One of the things I learned from Jason that really booted my business was to cut down on the clutter and all the competing noise from the so many of the other marketing gurus and narrow down my focused to three or fore successful people who embodied the kinds of quality and success that I wanted in my own life.  

These are the three Mentors that I consider my go to guys. Eben, Frank, and Moffatt form the core of my Business Master Mind Group but I also include many of their mentors as well.   

Here is a word of warning.  Be careful that you don't fall into the trap of "Guru Worship."  Guru Worship is a sneaky beast that cant develop a powerful hold on you and block you come achieving your full potential.  

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