It's The UGLY Truth:

You gotta have a list and anyone who says otherwise is full of hot air.  Listen …I want you to think about something here.

Question: How many “gurus” do you know who don’t have a list?

Answer: None

Question: How many big launches have you ever seen where EMAIL marketing wasn’t the NUMBER ONE method of promotion?

Answer: None

Question: How many super affiliates do you know without lists?

Answer: None

In this video series, Frank Kern will show you the supper simple and very basic method  that Frank and many successful Niche Marketers have used and continue to use to build large lists of highly targeted and responsive prospects then build relationships with that list.

People say that "the money is in the list" and that is only half true.  Your list must feel as if they know, like, and trust you.  So, I would say "the good money is in your relationship with a quility list."

WARNING: The stuff Frank is going to show you is basic, fundamental marketing.

It is nothing fancy or revolutionary.

That’s because Frank is here to MAKE YOU MONEY …not impress you with the newest fad.

The fact is, the basic fundamentals are ALL I DO …and it’s working pretty good.

So if you’ve ever been frustrated by how hard it seems to build a list, this is for you.

If you’ve ever wondered why nobody else stepped up to the plate and walked you through the basics of building a list, this is for you. And if you’ve ever been a little confused over “setting all this up”, this is for you. I hope you enjoy this video. And if you are still skeptical about how easy this is below the video you will find a special deal I worked out for you with my friends over at AWeber to give you a free test drive and help you build your list.  

AWeber offers outstanding customer support and training videos that walk you steep by steep through process.  It's almost like having your own IT guy there setting everything up for you.

All you'll need to get started is an AWeber account that will collect names and email addresses of prospects in your niche, a web page, or Facebook "like" page to host your opt in form.

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If you don't have a website or a Facebook "like" page... the good news is that they are free and super easy to set up.  

I recommend (they have a short video that shows just how easy it is) or and because they are free and easy to use. Just a note about Facebook... Facebook is in serous compaction with Google for the highest number of page views on any given day. 

Another tool that you have probably seen PopUp Domination. This is a great little tool that you can add into your email list building tool box. It's a email capture PopUp that works with AWeber to rapidly ramp up your email opt-ins and help you build your highly targeted list. A lot of my mentors are using PopUp Domination and are having great success with it.

If you are looking to build a website  membership site you might want to checkout Kajabe is cutting edge and looks and preforms fantastically. Kajabe is a bit more pricey but well worth the investment... as its the easiest way to go for new and experienced marketers alike.