I'm All Of This And More:

I’m an internet entrepreneur, entertainer, and the father of the most incredible little boy.

I'm An Internet Idea Guy:

I’m a full time Internet marketer who specializes in affiliate marketing, social media, and viral marketing.  

I'm A Ventriloquist:

I'm an Entertainer. For over nearly 25 years now I have been a professional ventriloquist.  I’ve also taught ventriloquism to other performers as well as a form of speech therapy.

The Joy Of My Life:

I'm a Dad. My son is the inspiration and motivation behind all that I do. 

What I Appreciate:

I Appreciate healthy foods, healthy lifestyles, healthy friends and healthy attitudes. I also appreciate and new experiences and people who walk outside of their comfort zone. I also dig into personal growth and optimism and those that strive to help others live their dreams.  

My Experience:

I worked in the grocery biz for almost 10 years in positions that I liked, tolerated, then hated. But, while I was there I became fascinated with people and why people do what they do.  I also discovered that I was happiest when I was helping others. I left the grocery biz and when to university to study counseling. It was about this time that I became fascinated with marketing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Later I worked for a clinic that specialized in cognitive behavior therapy.  I worked directly with clients to help them achieve their personal and prescribed goals.  

After the economy flipped and changes in federal and state funding forced me out of the clinic I started working with an agency that provides comprehensive services to children and adults of all ages and with all types of disabilities.  Like my position at the clinic I work in the field with clients to help them achieve their personal and proscribed goals. This can be difficult but rewarding work.

Today I'm taking what I've learned from my clinical experience, from my mentors, and years personal trial and error to create valuable and actionable trainings to help others achieve their personal goals. And because our community, the online community, has been been so good to me and because I believe that to be a good citizen that a person should give back I'm offering these  training to you for free.  I've also helped evaluate and redesign the online presence of local nonprofit organizations.      

My Dreams:

As a small child I remember being fascinated by then evangelists who traveled the country full time with their families in their RVs. 

That was back in the early eighties and I thought that only evangelists, the retired, or the independently wealthy could live such a lifestyle. 

I had all but given up on that dream that is until reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Ten Ferris. Soon, I hope to escape the 9-5 daily grind, living anywhere, and join the new rich.

Jason Moffatt, one of my mentors, also really helps stir the coals when he started posting updates on the road from his art RV adventure. My ultimate goal is to be nearer my son and to be the dad that he deserves.


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